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In 1933 when the country is on the edge of an unprecedented crisis, Mr. Huang Suchu tried to rescue the nation with a generous donation— building the Wenzhou Normal School at Zhenglou Town, Pingyang County, a heroic move that marked the birth of Wenzhou University. Although the conditions for running a school were extremely harsh, the School, inspired by its mission of “Prospering the Nation and Benefiting the People”, went to great lengths to impart knowledge and virtues to students with limited resources. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Wenzhou Normal School was renamed Wenzhou Normal College. Merging with Wenzhou Education College, Wenzhou Preschool Normal School, Ruian Normal School, Pingyang Normal School and the former Wenzhou University at different historical stages, Wenzhou Normal College finally turned into the current Wenzhou University, a dynamic and resourceful institute which started its construction in 2004 and started running in 2006.
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